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Cleaners for SEPTIC TANKS

In this category, you will find sources meant to ensure the best possible functionality of your home septic tank and cesspool. The products are proposed for the decomposition of organic impurities, sediments/sludge and the removal of escaping odours from cesspools and septic tanks.

Mr.Bacteria No.1: intended for use all year round, removes odours from septic tanks or cesspools, decomposes sediments and sludge and ensures optimal functionality of your septic tank or cesspool.

Mr.Bacteria No.7: intended for winter treatment of your septic tank or cesspool, in case of their seasonal use. It works even at exceptionally low temperatures. The product is perfect for cottages, chalets and places where it is not possible to treat your septic tank/sump with the product Mr. Bacteria No.1.

  • Mr. Bacteria No. 1-14 mark of quality

    On our website you can buy products of the brand Mr. Bacteria under the designation of Mr. Bacteria No. 1-14. All products from Mr. Bacteria are made of the highest quality raw materials, which ensures their quality, high bacterial strength and functionality. Mr. Bacteria are tested by thousands of satisfied customers. Also try the quality and functionality of our products. We are happy for your satisfaction with the use of our products.

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