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About company

We are a company engaged in the sale of products under the name Mr. Bacteria, whose focus since 2005 is the ecological treatment of all types of wastewater. Products with the designation Mr. Bacteria are a complex, ecological solution for your household waste management. Don’t buy a pig in a poke, rather buy products with guaranteed years of proven quality!

MAIN VALUES of our company:

  • a satisfied customer who will be happy to return to us,
  • production of exclusively Slovak bacterial preparations on a purely natural basis without chemistry,
  • development and testing of new products in cooperation with, for example, universities, colleges, accredited testing, and research laboratories but also with medical experts in the field of wastewater, surface water and waste,
  • high quality and excellent efficiency (high content of natural bacteria),
  • affordable prices and advantageous quantity discounts thanks to direct sale,
  • unbeatable price-quality ratio,
  • expert advice on your problems with the possibility of proposing a solution in personal consultations.

Shopping with us is a certainty but also fun!

A natural way without chemical burden for everyone's satisfaction.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us.

Your Mr. Bacteria team