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How to get your pond started after winter.

For the pond to show its full beauty and to ensure suitable conditions for fish and plants therein, it is necessary to take good care of it in the spring. Therefore, we bring you some tips on how to get the pond started after winter.

Cleaning the pond

Although the water in the pond freezes on the surface, not everything in the pond freezes. The fish produce waste throughout the winter, organic materials (leaves, etc.) are constantly decomposing and the wind brings other impurities into the pond. Therefore, in the spring it is necessary to clean the pond and get rid of organic impurities (leaves, fish droppings ...) from the bottom. You can use a pond vacuum cleaner, but it is much easier to apply bacterial preparations, which significantly reduce the amount of organic deposits on the bottom and the water becomes clearer in the entire water column.

Cleaning the pond also includes replacing the water with a new one. It is important to know that it is not a good idea to replace all the water at once. That way, you would disturb the balance and biological processes in the pond. It is best to change 50% of the water and add the same amount of water of the same temperature. The water must not contain chlorine or any heavy metals (beware of copper gutters - the water flowing through them does not belong to the pond).

Aquatic plants

When the last remains of ice have dissolved in the pond, it is time to check the aquatic plants and take care of them. For plants that have wintered in the pond (grass, bat ...), you must be careful that their leaves do not remain below the water surface, as they could rot. Therefore, cut the plants just above the surface. Also check the water lilies to see if something is preventing them from growing or if they have hibernated in order. Plants that have overwintered in a cold room can be returned to the pond. However, it is necessary to think about frosts, which may still occur.

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Fish have the hardest times in the spring. Their body is weakened after the winter and fish are more susceptible to various diseases. The greatest danger is posed by parasitic animals, viruses, and bacteria. Spring viruses are also unpleasant. Therefore, fish need help with products that will improve their immunity and help them better resist diseases and pests, and also support their digestive cycle. Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond act as a prevention against attack by pathogens, prevent spring viruses, treat fish with infectious diseases and support the proper digestive cycle. The products are suitable for use throughout the year, as they help fish to ensure a proper lifestyle, increase their defences and suppress the occurrence of metabolic disorders.

After the winter, it is advisable to start feeding the fish in small doses only when the water reaches 10-12 ° C, i.e. at a time when the fish is gradually starting to metabolize. At that time, the fish need peace, it is not desirable to stress them, for example, by fishing in the landing net, etc.

Starting filtration

Thoroughly cleaned filters and other technologies can be installed in the pond only when there is no danger of ground frosts. It is important to check all seals and hoses to avoid unnecessary water loss.

If you have performed all the above steps, it is advisable to start the pond in the right direction. Using Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond will ensure the start of natural processes after winter, eliminate organic deposits on the bottom, remove sludge, algae, cyanobacteria and unwanted phosphorus, pass filters and increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, which in combination with lactobacteria will create suitable conditions for the whole pond ecosystem.

All aquatic organisms (fish, plants, microorganisms) need some time to reach mutual symbiosis. Therefore, some patience is needed before the pond and life in it have stabilized.

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