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How to remove the unpleasant smell of septic tanks or cesspools?

Do you know the typical smell of a septic tank, cesspool, or dry toilet in the event of a sudden change in weather, or at higher outdoor temperatures? Do you have scabs, sediments or sludges in the septic tank that reduce the maximum volume of the septic tank and you often must pay for the emptying of the septic tank or cesspool? We have a helping hand for you and your family house, cottage or chalet with septic tank, cesspool or dry toilet. The product Mr. Bacteria No. 1. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your septic tank and cesspool from EXPORT TEAM s.r.o., which will help you remove the odour and sludge from the septic tank or cesspool. With products from EXPORT TEAM s.r.o., you do not have to pay anymore for the expensive drainage of cesspools and septic tanks and the subsequent disposal of organic waste!

Product range Mr. Bacteria

Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your SEPTIC TANK and CESSPOOL can be bought >>> HERE <<<

The product Mr. Bacteria No. 1. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your septic tank and cesspool is a mixture of selected and specially grown strains of bacteria that decompose organic matter. When bacteria enter water containing organic waste, they become active, producing specific enzymes that can break down proteins, starch, carbohydrates, animal and vegetable fats, paper, and other organic waste materials. Bacteria bred in laboratories are fast and amazingly effective. By their action, they remove not only the odour itself, but the whole source of odour. They will also significantly extend the balance interval of the septic tank or cesspool. The product Mr. Bacteria No. 1.Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your septic tank and cesspool reduces the accumulation of unwanted organic substances, sludge, and foaming.

How does it work?

It's very simple. Your septic tank contains small amounts of bacteria that help break down organic waste. By adding our bacteria, you will increase the content of bacteria in your septic tank, and thus significantly accelerate the decomposition of organic waste. 90% of organic waste (faeces) is made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are found in septic tanks under the form of compounds. These bacterial compounds are constantly broken down into simpler and simpler substances until they are finally broken down into water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2, where CO2 is released in the form of gas into the air and H2O water remains in the septic tank.

In this way, our bacterial preparations directly and very effectively decompose the sources of odour, thus removing the odour from the septic tank, including scabs and sludge!

EXPORT TEAM s.r.o. supplies the bacterial mixture in powder form so that the bacteria can be preserved longer.

Important note: Avoid the application of disinfectants that contain high amounts of chlorine and alkalis, which flow into the treated septic tank or cesspool. These agents reduce the activity of bacteria. Suitable for cleaning toilets, sinks, etc. You can use our new bacterial products also for cleaning toilets, carpets, or upholstery.

Every product we offer from EXPORT TEAM s.r.o. is a 100% organic and natural product. It does not contain any harmful bacterial strains, acids, alkalis, phosphates, or other environmentally unsuitable substances.

Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your SEPTIC TANK and CESSPOOL can be bought >>> HERE <<<

Bacterial force:

We have been selling bacterial preparations for more than 15 years and we know that the bacterial strength of the preparation (i.e. the number of bacteria that the product contains) is very important in the production of high-quality and really very effective bacterial mixtures.

We guarantee that our products contain an outstanding number of bacteria, which help to eliminate the odour and organic waste very effectively!

Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your SEPTIC TANK and CESSPOOL can be bought >>> HERE <<<

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