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Clean household waste without chemicals? Try our special soil bacteria!

How to clean household waste without chemicals? Use bacteria.

First, let us explain you how the decomposition of organic (plant and animal) material takes place in nature. Billions of different bacteria are present in the soil, air, water and organisms, which are at rest and start to multiply as soon as they have favourable conditions - that is, as soon as they have something to decompose and have optimal temperature and humidity, pH, etc. Each type of bacteria needs different living conditions and is able to break down other materials. Some bacteria thus specialize in the breakdown of fats, others in starches, plant matter, cellulose, proteins, urea, etc.

Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your household WASTE, siphons, pipes, and grease traps can be bought >>> HERE <<<

These excellent properties of bacteria can also be used effectively in waste.

The use of a bacterial preparations is a highly effective, simple and eco-friendly. Bacteria will start to multiply in the pipe or siphon very quickly, which will speed up the decomposition process, release the waste, clean it and you will no longer be at risk of odour or clogging with regular use.

How does it work?

Maybe you're asking yourself now, how is that possible? How can bacteria pass through waste? The answer is truly simple. Any decomposition in nature requires air, moisture, and bacteria. These three components will ensure that the organic matter (waste) gradually decomposes, especially into water and carbon dioxide. By adding soil bacteria to the waste, you will increase their content in the pipeline and it will be cleaned up to 100 times faster (thanks to a 100-fold increase in the content of soil bacteria in the pipeline). Simply put - the more bacteria, the faster the clogged pipe is released.

You can buy two types of bacterial waste products from us, they differ according to the method of use. Mr. Bacteria No. 10. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for the decomposition of fats in your siphons, pipes and grease traps - is designed for kitchen sinks and contains not only bacteria for the decomposition of animal and plant components, but is also strengthened by bacteria for the decomposition of fats.

Mr. Bacteria No. 5. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your SIPHON, PIPES and WASTE - its focus is more suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, where it will take care of the remains of soaps, shampoos, skin flakes, hair, etc. These are 100% natural soil bacteria that are completely safe. They consist only of strains of free-growing soil bacteria that have been selected for their particular abilities.

Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your household WASTE, siphons, pipes, and grease traps can be bought >>> HERE <<<

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